Sheffield Veterinary Hospital Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy

For many years, world-class athletes and thoroughbred race horses have benefited from laser therapy treatments. Fortunately, this technology is now available for pets.

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Infrared laser light from therapy lasers harmlessly penetrates deep into tissues where it is absorbed in the cells, and this energy is converted into chemical, not thermal, energy. In athletic environments, therapy lasers are primarily used to reduce swelling, reduce pain, and speed the healing process. These mechanisms allow veterinarians to successfully treat a wide range of conditions noninvasively and without drugs.

A benefit of the more modern, higher-powered therapeutic lasers, like the Companion Therapy Laser, is that adequate dosages of laser energy, or photons, can be painlessly and efficiently delivered to deeper tissues. This is a huge benefit in treating chronic conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, back disease or injury, and degenerative joint diseases. Geriatric patients often suffer from one or more of these painful problems, as well the aches and pains that come naturally with aging.

There thousands of reports of pets who were lame an inactive who return to normal, or almost normal function after laser therapy. More chronic and more severe cases may require multiple treatment sessions to fully benefit. Veterinarians are also using therapeutic lasers to stimulate muscle and acupuncture points painlessly and without needles.  Click here to watch some amazing before and after videos.  


How Will My Pet Benefit From Laser Therapy 

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Laser therapy speeds healing, so veterinarians routinely treat injuries with the laser, as well as treating patients immediately after surgery so incisions heal more quickly. Studies indicate that laser-treated wounds heal in a third to a half faster than the time required in normal healing.

A single laser treatment is usually all that is required for post-surgical patients to reduce swelling and to speed healing. Skin wounds, abrasions, bite injuries, dermatitis, and burns all respond well to laser therapy.

Laser therapy also reduces inflammation by increasing vasodilation, activating the lymphatic drainage system, and reducing pro-inflammatory mediators. As a result, inflammation, erythema, bruising, and edema are all reduced when treated with laser.

This is especially important for conditions where anti-inflammatory medications are risky for the patient because of the patient’s age, liver health, or species. Laser therapy is a drug-free treatment modality that can often replace or enhance other treatment plans recommended by your veterinarian.


Laser Therapy is Available at Sheffield Veterinary Hospital

Sheffield Veterinary Hospital is the first veterinary hospital in Madison county to acquire, install  and have accredited doctors and technicians successfully use the Companion Animal Laser Therapy.  

The results of this product continue to amaze the doctors’ at Sheffield Veterinary Hospital with the healing results capable with the noninvasive touch.  For many of the arthritic patients we have been able to lower the medications they have been on while having laser treatments.  Bite wounds are healing twice a fast when the laser therapy is used as part of our therapeutic management.

With more success stories everyday, we continue to be excited about one of the many new tools we have to offer our client’s patients here exclusively at Sheffield Veterinary Hospital. For more information about laser therapy
click here.